The idea for Woodhall’s Brewery is the brainchild of Ross Woodhall and Adam Barnes, who both enjoyed an illustrious career in the Alps perfecting the fine art of ‘Apres Ski’.

Fast forward a decade and they have channelled their dubious talents from booze consumption to booze production.

Ross after some research realised that his namesake in the eons of West Midlands history was a brewer and purveyor of fine ales and, thus he considered it was an appropriate time to carry on the tradition.

Adam first foray in the booze industry was the hugely successful ‘Trooper’ beer with Iron Maiden, in doing so he inadvertently created “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mouthwash” a harmonious marriage of drinks and rock bands for fans and quaffers alike. More brands swiftly followed with collaborations with Queen, Status Quo and more recently Mötorhead’s Röadcrew beer.